Upholstery Cleaning

We make your furniture look new again

When you bring home a beautiful new sofa or armchair, you think about how nice it will look, and how much fun it will be to stretch out on - as it should be. As professional cleaners of upholstery and carpeting, we know that it does not end there.

To stay in good shape, your piece has to be clean - not only of marks but of allergens, bacteria and the other invisible residents. Carpet Cleaning Newark has made a name for ourselves in Newark for top of the line upholstery cleaning. Our methods and products completely remove grime, stains and germs, showing off the beautiful fabric and completely refreshing the item.

Highly skilled cleaning techs give your sofa a deep down clean without hurting fabric or appearance. The cleaning solution is rinsed away, removing with it the stains, dirt, dust, and allergens it once held. Our thorough disinfection also helps with allergy control, and stops mold and mildew.

 How clean is your sofa?

With our natural cleaning products and specialized methods, all types of upholstery

- both natural and synthetic - are treated safely and completely. Even unique material like leather is handled specially. (Leather, without the proper care, can be prone to flaking or cracking. Our skilled technicians use gentle, natural cleaning solutions when handling leather upholstery. All leather pieces are finished with conditioners, leaving your furniture supple and shiny.)

We commit to using organic products in our work; they are tough on dirt but gentle on fabrics. Your family additionally benefits from our use of organic products, as they keep your home environment safe from added chemicals.

Our upholstery cleaning service is backed by a 100%-guarantee. For affordable, expert sofa cleaning in Newark NJ, call us today.

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