Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpets fresh

Wall to wall carpets in homes need to hold up under constant and diverse traffic... Kids, pets, shoes - accumulations of dirt, food spills and pet messes cause grime build-up and staining.

Even if your carpet is not showing any marks or signs of use - germs, allergens and minute insects all congregate in the foundations of the carpet.

Not only does this state not show off your home at its best, it is unhealthy for all your family members and furry friends.

Cleaned of dingy-looking marks and soil, your carpet is renewed back into your bright, beautiful floor covering. Book a free cleaning test so you can see the difference for yourself.

 Carpet Cleaning Experts

Our highly skilled cleaning teams restore carpeting to a clean, fresh state. High powered vacuums quickly deal with dirt, dust and grime, whether visible or under the surface. Bacteria and germs are eradicated, removing allergy triggers.

Tough stains such as coffee, red wine and gum are all removed, leaving a clean that’s healthy and has star quality - like you deserve.

To make sure you and your family receive back a clean, healthy space - we have excluded harsh chemicals from our methods and we use only non-toxic cleaning solutions.

We bring Newark top-quality carpet cleaning at competitive prices. Call today to learn more.

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