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When people in Newark need to have the finest in installing carpeting, they demand the services of Carpet Cleaning Newark. We provide professional installation of wall-to-wall carpeting to give your home the ideal look, along with the comfort and warmth it brings.

Your home can a quieter, warmer, and safer place when you decide to install carpeting throughout it. Let us take care of your carpet installation needs to reduce the noise and help cut back on heating bills when it gets cold outside.

From focusing on the colors that will highlight your home - anything from traditional neutral shades to more more vivid colors like teal or raspberry - to the best materials for your home’s needs, and especially type of installation, we can guide you through the choices and make things clear and easy.

We start with a free consultation at your home to help you begin the process.

Carpet installation that suits all of your needs

The two most widely utilized types of wall-to-wall carpeting are:

Stretched carpet: For comfort and noise minimization, stretched carpet with padding is what you need.

Glued-down: Glued-down carpet will endure heavy traffic, has less buckling issues and is more economical.

Our carpet installation service is backed by knowledge and experience; we offer a  30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whatever carpeting you choose for your home, call on us for expert carpet cleaning that deep cleans and keeps it looking new. And ask about our ScotchGuard service for new and freshly cleaned carpeting: to keep it fresh and protected for longer.

For a professional installation in Newark NJ, call today to book your evaluation.

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